RC Drift Cars

RC Drifting is being a very popular hobby and for good reason! There is nothing more satisfying than mastering a perfect drift with your RC. The freedom you feel as your car slides around linking corner to corner just gets my heart pumping… I Love it and hooked!!!

RC Drift Cars

RC Drift Cars

In the past we would modify our regular car to be a great drifter. In today’s age we have the luxury of buying “out of the box” drift machines ready to go. This lets even the beginners pickup the controller and start DRIFTING!

Popular RC Drift Cars

Here is a list of some great options from the budget cars to the best cars.


RRP $400 (on sale for around $200) – HPI E10 on-road 2013 Monster Energy/Nitto Tire Ford Mustang GT Drift Car

HPI Racing 111664 E10 2013 Mustang Drift Monster Energy RC Drift Car

Something for the more serious! A fantastic looking car. This car has ready to drift performance out of the box up there with the best.

View full info at the HPI site


$35 – MC02-G 4WD Rockstar Drift RC

Rockstar Drift RC

For someone trying to see what the happy is like, this is a great starter. Value for money is fantastic. It won’t win you any drift battles, but will give you loads of fun!


Getting Started

Once you have a car, then you need to learn what to do. There is a great community out there you can tap into at the Drift Mission Forum. To give you a taste have a look at this show of RC Drift Skill.

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